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About Us

The Speakeasy founded in 2012 is located in the basement space of one of Longmont’s most well-known historic buildings formerly known as The Imperial Hotel.  This majestic Italianate structure was built by a Chicago-Colorado Colony in 1880.  This 3 story Imperial Hotel was constructed as many were in these days (more-so in the Mid-west and East Coast) with the underground sidewalks laced with very ornate little black rod iron fences along the perimeter of Main St and 3rd St displaying the decorative basement window tops peeking over the underground sidewalks.   In one particular photo circa 1907 retrieved from the Longmont Museum, reflects that this same space we are located in had a sign next to basement entrance that read Cigars & Billiards.  At some point in history, the exact year unknown, this passageway was covered with present day sidewalks thus creating an “underground tunnel” which we have restored and can be observed.  It is accented inside The Speakeasy.  It is a fact that many of the buildings in Downtown Longmont also have these same tunnels however, they are closed off or unable to be seen by the public eye.  Rumor has it that at some point in history they may have been interconnected or were secret travel ways from one location to another, particularly in The Prohibition Era!  It was once told to me by an old timer visiting The Speakeasy shortly after opening that he knew from the stories told to him by his elders that there were in-fact these underground passageways both used to move illegal liquor and coal to heat the buildings.  It is also rumored that in this hotel there were known brothels.  One can only imagine and speculate the “goin-ons” that transpired here throughout its history.  


The Speakeasy space has been a gathering spot all throughout history.  Most recent in years was the bar known as Cheers for roughly 20yrs making its mark in Longmonts history with many stories heard in the 80’s and 90’s.  The Wine Cellar, an Italian Restaurant owned and operated by the Ciccarelli family, with authentic Italian food made with love by “Mama Ciccarelli” herself reigned in the late 70’s.  Prior to this it is difficult to say for fact.  Many Mediums, Ghosthunters, and paranormal seekers are drawn to our space due to the many decades or more than a century long of events, happenings, energies or atmosphere apparently present to investigate.  Present day we keep a fun entertaining very merrymaking environment!  The Speakeasy gets its name simply because it is as it was!


The Speakeasy is a Venue used primarily to provide a colorful culture of music, harmony and fellowship.  We specialize in crafty cocktails and specialty drinks and concoctions.  We provide a wide variety of spirits.  We strive to keep you entertained excelling in exemplary customer service.  Our Music room, dance floor, & stage area we refer to as “The Shotgun Room” has an unbelievable reverberation!  The stone walls, tin ceilings, and wood floors provide a superlative top notch sound that musicians seek out!  The white baby grand piano on our stage stays tuned welcoming any pianist whom cares to put their hands on the beautiful ebony and ivories.  As it has always been, we also provide billiards for those whom enjoy the game.  It is definitely a step back into time kind of feel, with a sexy swanky vibe, The Speakeasy is a one of a kind experience.  Only visiting us for yourself can define or put into words what it is that we are.  More than just a bar, night club, or venue we are a destination spot of originality, nostalgia, and an avenue to make memories and stories to tell for years to come.  Come down and add to the energy this space offers!


We invite you exclusively to visit us!  We provide the space to plan, book, or reserve your events, celebrations, festivities or just a night out to always remember!

Shhhh! The Speakeasy Baby……If you don’t know, you better ask somebody!


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